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If there is one thing everyone will agree on, it’s the fact that the crispy, skinny French fries from McDonald’s are the best. In fact, they are so good that they have gained quite the cult following, with many people desperately trying to recreate their tasty flavour at home. So, if you always wanted to show your love for the McDonald’s fries but didn’t really know how, let me introduce you to Zara’s latest drop: the McDonald’s t-shirt.

Released as part of the brand’s newest collection, the white, round neck t-shirt is unisex and retails at an affordable $25.90 (£15.99). Featuring an image of the famous fries at the front, as well as a quote at the back that reads “the best fry is the one at the bottom of the bag,” the cotton tee comes in a comfortable, oversized fit. And if you’re already thinking that you need more, don’t worry — Zara thought of everything.

Along with the t-shirt, the Spanish giant also released a simple, black McDonald’s sweatshirt, which comes emblazoned with the instantly-recognisable yellow logo and retails for $39.90 (£25.99). Also coming in a slouchy fit, we can already see it becoming a new must have for cosy weekends and late night runs to Maccys.

Zara’s McDonald’s t-shirt and sweatshirt are available now in stores and online.

Originally published at on Jan 21, 2019

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